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Friday, July 21, 2006

Hello and Welcome to Whatever this is!!

Hey there, just want to say a quick hi as I try to figure out how exactly this works
and what I really want to do here. I'm an ex-history teacher, current restaurant manager, married with no kids, hopefully about to get a dog, and a coin collector to boot. Stuff I will write about and hope you'll read? Well, yet to be fully determined, but definately the mundane madness of the restaurant biz; friends, aquaintances, and guests have all told me I need to write a book about restaurant goings ons....well, let me start this blog first, and we can go from there! Plus other adventures- amusing, boring, unreal, normal, and of course the not so normal! Who know's what will be on these pages!?!? (heck, I don't even know!). I will also be ranting occasionally, or gushing about my hubby, or our 2 modes of transportation, my lovely Mazda Red Progege 5, or his big Merc Mountaineer. And if we do get a dog, well, stories about him or her too! C y'all soon, and take care!


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