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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Madness and Drama!

Well, yesterday was one of those nights, not crazy busy, but stuff going on!
It all begins soon after I get to the restaurant, when one of the lovely wait staff
members, we will call her Roxanne (Lord, does that sound like a fake name or
what?!?!) proceeds to tell me she almost got evicted for NO reason (yeah right)
but she managed to work it out, but had to sign some papers or something. Not
even an hour later, after she had finished her shift, Roxanne proceeds to call me to report her very untimely and unfortunate car problems and to announce she was stranded at 7-11, and could I check the caller ID for someone's number
who had called her earlier so that person could come to the rescue?!?! Bizarre
is not the word.....and what is sad that with Roxanne, it is always something,
some drama every week, usually involving a member of the male species. Anyway, more happened as the night went on, my concerned observed Mrs. Reagan made a visit, as did these older couples I like alot, the "Browns" and the "Thompsons", as well as a close friend of mine, who I will be calling Michelle here, and a couple of her pals (so to speak). Michelle is having male problems herself, and it is painful witnessing this, but not too much I can do to help other than offer advice and support. There is also another older couple who come in
alot, as well as last night, who I am sure will be getting alot of press here, as
they are....hhmmm, how can I put this gently.......DIFFERENT??!!? They will be
Lisa and Peter here, and let me tell you, they keep me busy! More on them in
the very near future, let me just quickly say that one of them claims to have
supernatural powers, and the other randomly admits that maybe they should
be "put away" after all! But in my opinion, no matter how nutty I think they are,
I will say that they mean well, not at all bad folks, perhaps just lonely and
looking for friends. Anyway, enough for today, check it later!


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