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Monday, July 24, 2006

Day Off!

Well, today is monday, the start of my weekend, as I have mondays and
tuesdays off! Now that doesn't mean there isn't stuff to write about, as
I am blessed with boatloads of fodder from the place of work! I do want
to introduce y'all to another member of the waitstaff there, she will be
called Kathy here. Kathy is probably one of the best waitresses, as well
as hostesses, that I have ever seen in the biz, and I have grown up in it.
She is fast, a hard worker, has a fun, bubbly personality, loved by
co-workers and customers alike. So why am I wasting good space here
about Kathy? Well, let's just say she makes, uh.... questionable
decisions in her personal life?!?! You see, Kathy has been given "extended
vacations" by local authorities several times in the last few years, and will
need to take another one in mid-August for probably about a year. She
has a propensity of driving under the influence while having NO license,
NO registration or insurance, NO nothing.....and this time the judge was
not particularly impressed. Plus she will probably not be able to get work
release, as she has a previous felony on her record...assault and battery...,
in that case, she beat up a rival over a certain man with the rival's own
shoe, in the middle of the local shopping mall. So before she has to go away,
she is juggling time between her 2 kids, ex-husband, and 2 boyfriends. Yes,
the life of Kathy is a full one! But we will miss her when she is gone, but I
am sure we will take her back upon her release...I mean, return, as we have
the previous 2 times. It really is a shame, because deep down, well, pretty
DEEP, she is a good person and has potential, she justs needs to channel
it in the right direction, not the directions she has been going. Well, enough
for today, be back for more fun and games tomorrow, bye y'all!


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