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Friday, January 12, 2007

Big House and Blonde Blues

Last night at the restaurant was particularly boring.....which tends
to happen when we are not busy. Fortunately there were a few
moments which provided a couple of laughs. For instance, at one
point a couple of fellows of the redneck nature came in, recognized
the 2 work release gals who were waitressing last night, and
shouted "alright, cell block D!!! - to which the lovely Kathy replied
"That's right!!!" Fortunately the only other customers in the place
were a couple of regulars who are fully aware of the waitresses'
plight, and an Oriental man whose English was VERY limited, so
needless to say he did NOT catch on! Then I was conversing with
our long-time cook Herman, who confessed to me that he had way
too much fun ridiculing Tina's unprofessional platinum blonde dye
job during a previous night shift. Apparently he told her that she
"looked like a hooker", to which Tina responded that he didn't have
to go that far, that Herman could have said that she looked like a
stripper instead! ??? does this mean that a stripper has a better
reputation than a hooker, hence it is preferable to be told that you
look like a stripper? Well, if so, I just learned something new! But
then we are talking about Tina, the gal who, once a couple years
ago, when I called her trailer park trash, huffily corrected me,
emphatically stating that she did NOT live in a trailer park! It was
to my great amusement that in no way did she contest the 'trash'
part of the phrase! Ah, poor Tina - fake boobs, fake hair, everybody
picking on her - guess bottle blondes with plastic surgery do NOT
have more fun!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice. Nice. The restaurant has all the fun, not the blondes.

2:34 AM, January 13, 2007  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

way too much fun actually, last night, someone called the blondeness of Tina
"CHEAP", and that she looked "CHEAP", yet
another good term and description!

12:37 PM, January 13, 2007  

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