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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

too dramatic, too blonde

Drama and intrigue seem to go hand in hand at the restaurant, not to
mention entertainment of twisted proportions. She has been at the
restaurant not even a full week yet, but our new night shift waitress,
Annie (roommate of Kathy at the local state hotel), didn't take long
to push herself right up into drama queen land. She just found out
that her ex-husband is seeking custody of their son. This reeks of
some kind of vendetta, as Annie has been inside for about 4 years,
about to get out in May, and only now is the ex trying for this. (the
son has been with Annie's brother) So naturally she was fretting all
weekend about this new development. But at least we had something,
or should I say, someone, to humor us at the restaurant this past
weekend. Tina, our part-time night shift hostess with the mostess
(and fake frontal enhancements!), had to work waitress one night to
fill in for another girl who had called out. Well, when I saw her park
her car, I thought the lighting was playing tricks on my eyes, or that
maybe there was some kind of reflection off the window. Alas, that
was NOT the case...Tina, whose natural hair color is light to medium
brown, walked in with a very POOR platinum blonde dye job. Yellow
to the point of almost white...simply horrid. Every head turned, and
you could hear the snickers and see the raised eyebrows. A few of the
regular customers asked who the new girl was, as they did not recognize
her. The commentary ranged from bad to terrible - trailer park trash
was probably the kindest - the cruelest ranged from streetwalker to
other adjectives describing working girls! Tina's reaction to all this?
Well, she said her husband had suggested she do the dye job and
claimed that he loved it, so as long as the hubby liked it, she could live
with it. hhhmmm, I think Keisha hit the nail on the head when she
supposed that the hubby liked it as it ensured that Tina would be less
attractive, hence he wouldn't have to worry about men hitting on her!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OHMIGOD. Since my digi-cam was stolen two days ago, I'll not be taking anymore photos (sadly!) and you'll have to step up and take some clandestine pikkies of your new Blondie wannabe....puleeeeeez?

3:20 AM, January 10, 2007  

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