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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Work release gals

The last two evenings I have worked with and gotten to know our
latest employee who is a resident of the state hotel (3 hots and a
cot!). She is a waitress in her mid-30's, very friendly, and so far
has done an adequate job; she just needs to learn the menu a bit
better and put it in another gear after that. I'll call her Annie here.
She is the type of person who is rather, let's see, how to put this,
- conversational? Basically, the first day I met her, I became
very knowledgeable about almost her entire life story; she was
more than happy to fill me in (despite me not even inquiring)
about 30 minutes after meeting me. Annie apparently ran afoul
of the law after a very bitter divorce that left her broke. She is
due to be a free woman in May of this year, 2 months after Kathy
is to be released. And after working with Kathy the other night, I
am very sorry to say that I believe she end will up right back in
the state hotel. I hope I am proven wrong, but I doubt it. Her
plans for after her release are in constant flux, changing with the
wind. Some of her declarations of what she would like to do, once
she is free and clear of all mandatory classes and checks, definitely
suggest rampant immaturity rather than the musings of one who
has learned from her mistakes. But have no fear, if the judge in
the future allows it, we'll employ Kathy in work release again!


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