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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and properous 2007!
Lots of folks tend to make resolutions this time of year, on
what they will finally do or do differently, undertakings they
plan on embarking on. I don't buy into this resolution craze
too much, although each year I sort of promise myself to
not gain back any weight I have lost, and to lose a bit more.
I am not out to become a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
model, but am just trying to take care of myself and ensure
I can fit into my Liz Claiborne clothes! I could make some
'wishful thinking resolutions' for the restaurant and the staff
there....let's more employees having to appear in
court, no more paycheck garnishments, an end to drama and
scandal involving trailer park rednecks or ghetto fabulous
peeps, and - last but not least - no more employees on work
release! oh well, as I wrote above, wishful thinking! But what
I really hope to see in 2007 is good health for Mrs. Reagan,
the Thompsons, the Browns, Sandra, Lisa and Peter, Steve
and Valerie, and the Whistler and his wife. I would like to see
Francesca, Michelle, Lily, Sandra, and Lola finally find Mr.
Right and get over their past disappointments. I hope Warren
will find the happiness he deserves, and that Nancy continues
to serve as a guardian angel for seemingly 1/2 our our fair
city. Naturally, I look forward to Philip maintaining his own
sense of British style, and that Mike will finally get the job
that his heart truly desires. Most of all, I pray that my
husband stays healthy and as fun and loving as ever, and that
his work situation improves; those of you who know him
know that he really deserves better than he's gotten. Well,
I say goodbye to 2006, thanks for the memories, hope 2007
is better. I look forward to bringing y'all more adventures,
rants, raves, and odd, fun stories in these online pages; thanks
to all my dedicated readers - please keep reading! (yes, the
shameless beg and grovel moment!) Have a great 2007!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should pimp out that man of yours to undersexed housewives around your town. i guarantee he won't leave you and he will make a nice buck or five thousand a week.

1:41 AM, January 02, 2007  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

I think NOT, he doesn't need to
meet any housewives or otherwise in
this town or any town, I wouldn't
want to go on a murder spree!

12:43 PM, January 02, 2007  

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