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Saturday, December 23, 2006

almost done...I think

ok, unless something else totally unforeseen comes up, I think I am
almost there...ready for Christmas. I have finished my shopping and
even given most of my gifts out. Most food preparations are done
except for 2 items which will be dealt with tomorrow (thankfully I
will have the day off, so the extra time will definitely be a blessing!).
Yesterday marked my return to the night shift after almost 2 weeks,
and it was rather nice, as I had pleasant visits. Whistler Tom and his
wife Marion came in, he sporting a haircut, she with new glasses
(apparently she lost her old ones, poor thing). Their waitress, Keisha,
was right on top of their latest whim....splitting a warm beer, Tom's
half in a mug, Marion's part in a wine glass! Hey, whatever works!
Lisa and Peter came in, both looking rather nice I must add; they had
come to visit me a couple of times when I was working dayshift, but
as most folks know, those early hours are not kind to me! Michelle
and Fran also dropped by, totally exhausted by a crazy busy day at
their retail cell phone locale. They have also had to deal with my pal
Lola's dilemma; unfortunately, Lola, when doing laundry, washed her
cell phone as well. After letting it dry out a couple of days, the sad
verdict was in - dead cell phone. So Michelle is trying to figure out
what can be done economically. Hope that can get worked out soon.
The Thompsons also dropped by for dinner. My husband and I had
gone over to their house for a spell the night before, after we had
attended a Christmas party held by our friend Nancy. At that party,
much like Nancy's birthday party in September, I MAY have had a
bit too much wine; in September the culprit was sangria, the other
night was some kind of warm mulled wine with fruit...basically a
warm sangria. It was sweet and delicious! Well, at the Thompsons,
I thought I was holding my own, but at one point Mr. Thompson
said something about me being giggly. (I have a hard time believing
I was giggly, but anyway!) Then last night at the restaurant Mrs.
Thompson proceeded to tell Keisha, who waited on them, that as the
night wore on, I was sinking deeper and lower into the armchair I
was sitting in and covering my eyes from the light above me! I tend
to think all this is bordering on exaggeration - I mean, I do love that
chair, I always sit there when I visit the Thompsons, just a darn comfy
armchair! But what do they need such a bright light right above it for
anyway? More sangria/mulled wine please!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Georgetown University student, whose dad bought him a $2.4 million off-campus house and who wants his eight best friends to live (and party) with him, ran up against a Washington, D.C., zoning law permitting no more than six unrelated people per house. In October, after researching the issue, the students filed papers declaring themselves a "church" (The Apostles of O'Neill, after owner Brian O'Neill) because churches are allowed to house up to 15 unrelated people. O'Neill's dad supports the students, as judged from his testy response to a Washington Post inquiry: "Who says they aren't a (real) religion?"

2:57 AM, December 24, 2006  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

I would've gone the other route, ie., trying to prove some kind of blood relation between O'Neill and some of his friends...'my 2nd cousin on my mother's 1/2 brother's wife's side of the family' could be done!

4:33 PM, December 24, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lola will never post anything again. Bad Karma. Bad juju. Whatever. Read my blog. See that I deleted it all. ALL of it. Please, don't post anything about me either. IT's for my own sanity. Thanks.

5:45 AM, December 25, 2006  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

what the heck?

1:29 PM, December 25, 2006  

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