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Friday, December 15, 2006


I am really trying to find some positives about doing the dastardly
early A.M. shift this week. They are few and far between however,
so this is a daunting task. I do get to sample fresh biscuits and grits,
both with a dab of butter - YUM! I have gotten to see my concerned
observer Mrs. Reagan both days....shot the breeze and had some
coffee together. Today I got a pleasant surprise - a visit from Fran
and Michelle in the morning, and Michelle again in the afternoon
briefly. Fran was excited about the start of Chanukuh - my sincere
apologies if I have misspelled that, but I have found about 3 different
spelling versions on calendars and such; some have it without the 'C'.
In any case, Happy Holidays Fran! Tiffany was in a MUCH better
mood today; she is trying to turn this latest family drama into a
positive by trying to learn more about her ancestors and the times
they lived in. She apparently found some documents and photographs
from the 1930's and was thoroughly fascinated by them; she has
promised to bring them in for me to see when she has things more
organized. We shall see. And both days at the restaurant ended by
me getting to see and chat with our resident handlebar mustache
Brit, Phillip - ascot and all! He has been doing some physical
therapy due to a slight injury he suffered after a fall off one of his
horses; yesterday he was complaining about this therapy, calling
it "a beast"! Poor Phillip...but I bet his therapist has been totally
entertained by him, as we at the restaurant always are. I was a bit
ticked off today by a table of 4 rather rough looking rednecks who
were making fun of his accent and sarcastically asked him if was
going to have some tea. Phillip just raised his semi-handlebar
eyebrows, rolled his eyes, and moved along. I was glad to see them
leave, can't have TPT folks making fun of the old cavalry major. (by
the way, TPT is short for Trailer Park Trash - i.e., ignorant
characters who more than likely couldn't find England, or any other
country for that matter, on a world geography map.) But I don't want
to sell the dear rednecks short - I am sure they can find Martinsville,
Charlotte, Bristol, Daytona, and all other NASCAR and/or pro
wrestling venues on a guide or chart! Anyway, back to Phillip, or
actually, to his unusual facial hair. I have linked this post to a great
website that Lola brought to my attention, replete with photos of
gentlemen with handlebar mustaches, some more outrageous than
others (hint - a few of the gents have simply unreal sideburns too)!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lola here. am drunk. not logging into my account. no link. my friend died today. my man-friend and i talked about death tonight, so i drove home, sober, drank here. mourning my loss. i'm worried. i think you know why. sorry. fractured mind.

4:05 AM, December 16, 2006  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

damn, I was hoping he would pull through, so sorry for your loss Lola :(

7:13 PM, December 16, 2006  

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