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Monday, December 04, 2006

comments and cards

I just love it when someone comments on one of my blog posts, unless
it is one of those inane ones about working from home and making a
gazillion dollars a month...almost as bad as the Nigerian bank account
e-mail schemes! Some of my comments come from friends like Lola or
Sandra, but I have some other anonymous ones who I have not been able
to figure out who they are. So whoever y'all are, thanks for reading and
taking the time to comment! Just coming off a good weekend. My Dallas
Cowboys won again, a cliffhanger that required my husband to call me
during the final seconds of the game to have me hear it via loud TV and
phone! (what a doll he is, not a football fan, but he indulges me!) The
Thompsons and Sandra visited me, as did the Browns, but didn't have
much of a chance to talk to any of them, as this weekend was fairly busy
at the restaurant. Basketball season is in full gear for the local college
teams (men and women), thus we get good crowds thanks to our
proximity to the arena. The hotel next door also provided us with
alot of business; about 3-4 times a year it hosts a large bridge tourney
for this part of Virginia. Many of the players came in for their lunch
and/or dinner breaks. They were a hoot to watch when they came in,
complete with their score sheets, studying them intently and debating
how certain hands were played. I could overhear alot of the distressed
or pleased conversations, which unfortunately I could not really under-
stand as I don't play bridge - 'ok, so she opened with a 5 of diamonds',
or 'he led with an ace of spades', or 'they played clubs'
. And sometimes,
along with leads and opens, they talked about sacrifices, whatever they
are! Oh well, nice to see people enjoy their hobby, but these folks, most
of them 50 and up, were really intense! And they would issue challenges
to other groups of fellow players who were also eating...'we're going to
get you next round'
! From what I could gather, they were playing about
8 hours a day. Ok, I want a backgammon tourney, or maybe some gin fun fun! oh well, looks like I will have to settle for
until those unlikely events happen!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want to tell you how mad I am you didn't even mention my visit at all! This is why I don't come and see you cause you never care!!

12:14 AM, December 05, 2006  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

well well, deep issues here, and if
this is who I think it is, I was
talking about Sunday, a day which you
did NOT visit....chill pill my dear,
I have mentioned you lots of times
in the past! ;)

11:54 AM, December 05, 2006  

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