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Saturday, November 25, 2006

fun and flirty

A rather interesting day at the restaurant yesterday. In an unusual
twist, I worked dayshift, filling for a colleague. Of course, getting up
way too early in the A.M. was a killer, and as usual, coffee did NOT
do the trick! But we started to get busy, so that kind of woke me up.
And the day only got better when the lovely Kathy showed up to
work! We had actually been afraid that she would not make it in; we
had heard a rumor from the taxicab driver who takes her to and from
her 'residence' that she would not be allowed to come to work due to
a schedule mixup. Fortunately she was wrong, and Kathy was in, and
as usual, loud and sassy! I know I have said this in the past and will
probably say it again in the future, but it is such a shame she just
can't get her act together. She is a fantastic worker, no matter what
she does, and she has personality galore. She just makes VERY poor
personal decisions, at the cost of her freedom. Well, she got a table
of out-of-towners, on their way home after visiting folks for Thanks-
giving, who proceeded to flirt with her on every single occasion they
got. (Kathy is very pretty by the way, plus men consider her 'stacked'!)
I had a front-row seat to the festivities....the comments, smiles, laughs,
innuendos....the whole 9 yards. Naturally, Kathy got a fantastic tip off
of that table, and a promise that they would come back to see her next
time they were in town! oh, if they only knew! Afterwards, as she was
counting her tip money, I made a remark about how she REALLY
makes her big money, to which she replied that yes, she does have her
ways, but only with tables that have male customers.....doesn't work
with the women! OK, enough said about that! Mrs. Reagan also came
to visit me. She had spent Thanksgiving with our mutual friend Nancy
(and Nancy's son visiting from Boston). She had been a bit nervous
about going over to Nancy's house, as Nancy and her son are vegetarians
and always trumpet the great taste of tofu turkey! Well, they did have
the tofu turkey, but also a real one, and Mrs. Reagan said both were
delicious! I would have my doubts if it was anyone else, but Mrs. Reagan
is the 'tell it like it is' type, so I will definitely take her word for it!


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