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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Goths and non-Goths

Had a variety of visitors at the restaurant last night. It all started off
with the Thompsons making a visit, but the both of them were just
miserable, fighting colds and coughs. And with company coming this
weekend for them, doubtful if they will get the rest they need to get
over their ailments anytime soon. My remedies have always been soup,
oatmeal (Quaker has a great instant flavor, Honey Nut, just yummy!),
orange juice, and some Advil Cold and Sinus. Not saying these would
work for the Thompsons, but it can't hurt! Later on in the evening, had
a visit from various members of both Goth bands that frequent the
restaurant. They seem to hang out together at times, even going to
movies or bowling, then hitting the restaurant afterwards. Included in
this mix was Lilly, the lead singer of one of the bands, whom I have
mentioned in the past in conjunction with her little sister Francesca
(the total opposites). I had actually seen Francesca the night before, as
she had come in with her latest boyfriend and another couple. She was
lamenting the fact that she had 2 huge exams that she hadn't studied
for. Well anyway, last night Lilly asked me if I had seen her little sister,
so I proceeded to fill her in. Francesca's ears must have been burning
because not even a 1/2 hour later, in she waltzed with the new boyfriend,
a tad on the tipsy side! She rattled off to me that she thought she blew
one of the exams, that tonight was the first time she had REALLY
partied in a while, and that she was hungry and needed to bum a cigarette
off of someone! All that in a matter of seconds, then she went to sit with
big sis for a bit. I watched them for a moment, as I am always just
amazed at how very different they are - Lilly the major league Goth,
Francesca the preppy party girl! Well, after she bummed a cigarette off
of one of the cooks, Francesca proceeded to put away some pancakes,
eggs, and sausage...soak up that alcohol girlfriend!


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