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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Just to tie up political loose ends - this afternoon, GOP Senator George
Allen conceded Tuesday's election result to his Democratic opponent
Jim Webb. He realized that a recount would simply be a fruitless waste
of time and money. That now makes it official - the Democrats now
have control of both the House, Senate, as well as a majority of the
governorships. Another interesting result of this midterm election is
that come January, for the first time ever, there will be a woman as
Speaker of the House - Nancy Pelosi of California. oh, speaking of
California, Ah-nold was re-elected as governor of that nutty state.
Who would have believed that just a few years ago? Politics are just
such fun; even if election results don't go your way every year, you can
count on having some kind of entertaining character, conflict or scandal
for amusement! (don't think we can top Italy, with porn stars and drag
queens, though!) Oh, speaking of drag queens, the other day the Maury
Povich show had one of my fave episodes on. I have mentioned it in the
past, but will remind y'all. Every so often, he does a show with 10-12
women....usually 1/2 of them are actually drag queens though, and the
audience tries to guess which are men and which are real women. It is
always a hoot, as they all parade around in lingerie, swimsuits, and of
course, evening gowns, just like Miss America! Anyway, all this talk
about politics and drag queens (never thought you would see those 2
topics in the same sentence!) - I need to do an update about some of
the fine cast of characters at the restaurant soon, as I have kind of
neglected them lately due to the election frenzy. So stay tuned for
drama, adventure, and sheer dysfunction!


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