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Sunday, November 05, 2006

grab bag

Ok, will be flying all over the place here today, as I need to get alot in
before I go to watch my beloved Dallas Cowboys play, and defeat I
hope, the dastardly Washington Redskins (boo hiss!!)! Speaking of
football, our local college football team fared abysmally yesterday,
getting shutout after winning 2 games in a row. Granted, they were
against 2 teams that had 4 wins between them, but folks were actually
beginning to think they had turned things around....WRONG. oh well.
I did indeed go to the festival held by the local Greek Orthodox church,
and I am sorry to report that they had the crappy pitas again this year,
so naturally I bought none of those but stocked up on the almond and
custard sweets! No, didn't buy them all for me and hubby, but also to
give to some friends, such as Mrs. Reagan, Nancy, and the Thompsons.
Just hope I get to give them to Mrs. Reagan. I don't see her as often
since daylight savings time; as it gets darker sooner, she is making
fewer appearances as she doesn't like to drive in the dark. However,
the Thompsons did come to the restaurant last night, and while they
usually have a great time, I think yesterday was over the top! They were
waited on by Shaniqua, who provided entertainment as only she can.
First, as we are short on little side saucers, she gave them their ranch
dressing in a coffee cup, stating that it was the "ghetto fabulous" way of
doing things! She then had them choking and in tears when she described
someone's ill-advised attempt at dreadlocks as looking like "a sheep's ass"
(pardon my french!)! And just as the Thompsons were about to recover
and head home, this guy comes in with a hair net on his
naturally he didn't escape commentary and critique (out of his hearing
range of course!). Some good news to report as well. The one and only
Whistler Tom and his wife Marion came in as well, and yes, were waited
on by Shaniqua (as she put it, "they are my babies!"); Marion, she of
advanced Alzheimers, was actually having a good day. She was coherent,
recognized people, and was remembering all kinds of things. It was great,
as it had been a long time since she has had a really good day. I know it
won't last, but it was nice last night, and you could see Tom was happy.
Lisa and Peter also came in for dessert; Lisa was kind of miffed that Peter
was going to skip out of a class that he volunteered for in order to watch
the Dallas-Skins game today. I proceeded to tell her that certain priorities
rise above others. Big rivalry football games are such a priority! Last but
not least, the very sweet Browns came in, and they brought me some of
those delicious toasted and salted pecans (they do so every so often, talk
about good stuff!). Darn, between the pecans, the Greek sweets, and some
peanut butter cups that Keisha brought for me (she knows my weakness!),
the little bit of weight that I lost last month is coming right back on this
month. If she knew me, I would be Jenny Craig's worst nightmare!


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