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Thursday, October 26, 2006

comments and concern

It's nice to see when folks comment on this blog (the biggest thanks
going to Lola of course!); it is proof that SOMEONE is reading. What
is even nicer is when someone comments in the form of a question,
asking about a specific someone or something. Someone, and I have
a feeling I know who, asked me how my concerned observer, Mrs.
Reagan, is doing. Those who know her, or have been loyal readers,
know that she my older ill friend. She has a disease that she is
fighting with the upmost of dignity, patience, persistence, and at
times, even with humor. I have nothing but admiration for her in
the midst of my concern and sorrow for her. I am sorry she has to
go through this, especially as the very same disease she is battling
took her daughter 13 years ago. I am sorry that no cure has been
found. I am sorry there is nothing I can do for her other than be
her friend and try to cheer her up, take her mind off things. So to
the kind person who asked about Mrs. Reagan, let me say that she
has her good days and bad days....I can usually tell from her color
and, naturally (considering my profession!), her appetite. She has
been eating fairly well lately, or at least makes a gallant effort.
Granted, her appetite is less, and she has lost weight, but she still
comes by for the food, and for the adventures and conversation too.
However, when she comes by for dinner, she doesn't stay as late now,
as it has been getting darker sooner, and she is hesitant to drive in the
dark. Don't blame her, I even have a little bit of trouble driving at
night with my glasses, and I am 1/2 her age. So to sum up, Mrs.
Reagan, the concerned observer of the restaurant, is alive and kicking,
allowing her doctors to try new treatments on her in the hope that
one of them sticks and does the job. My fingers are crossed in my
never ending optimistic hopes. Come by when you can and see Mrs.
Reagan, before dark of course, or in the AM for breakfast!


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