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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Siberian Huskies

gosh, for a minute earlier this afternoon I thought
maybe it was me, and not my pal Lola, who was in
Alaska. My husband and I went for a walk as
it was a fairly nice day. We always encounter dogs,
but today must have been Siberian Husky day. We
ran into 3 gorgeous ones. Two of them I have seen
around the general area, owned by some older folks. They are the
classic gray/black/white ones. But the 3rd one we saw, for the first
time, was very different, and even more striking. It was a much
younger dog, a large puppy I suppose, who was white with reddish
brown markings, and the blue eyes naturally. Just very beautiful. We
have seen German Shepards in the past, and various other breeds,
unfortunately mostly the ankle biter types, small, nervous, and yippy.
Thus why the Shepards and Huskies stand out so much, but with their
hair, maybe more suited for Alaska than central Virginia. ah, feel a
visit to our local SPCA coming up soon!


Blogger freedominalaska said...

this dude sounds fun:

12:35 AM, October 20, 2006  

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