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Monday, October 09, 2006


North Korea just trips me out. Kim Jong il is one of those type of folks
who craves, needs, requires attention. World events are not focusing
anywhere near him, so he does something to grap everyones
headlines. Crazy coot, a poorer version Castro in the Cold War days. What
is just sadly insane is that these nations who are still under some form of
a dictatorship don't have the funds for the basics that other (free) nations
have. Look at the cars on the street in Havana - 50's leftovers. The limited
footage of folks in Pyongyang, can we say poor? They had a famine not
that long ago. People are dying in the ocean, drowning in an attempt to
escape Cuba. Let me even extend it to Russia - yeah yeah yeah, Russia
is supposedly free, no longer communist. But if anyone actually believes
Putin isn't ruling with an iron fist, well I have some swampland for sale.
How many stories have we heard from Moscow about civil servants, military
lifers, scientists, and professors who don't get paid for months? Yet these
countries have funds for nuclear tests or other unnessary nonsense that
gives ZERO benefit to their citizens. Pathetic. I feel for the South Koreans
now, especially those who were hoping to see loved ones trapped in the
North since the war and the communist takeover - I had read of a program
where there were a limited number of visits allowed between the 2 Koreas;
folks have to wait months for their turn, now it will probably be much
longer. Just a shame. In other news, Google is buying yet another internet
property - You Tube. I had also seen on the news last week that they are
opening an office in out Bill, they are gaining on you! Hey,
still waiting for my laptop fellas! And for sad news, the local college football
team lost again Saturday, while the Dallas Cowboys lost to Philadelphia
yesterday; sloppy game, too many turnovers and mistakes by the 'Boys. Oh,
and in case anyone missed it, hockey season started last week!
did miss it? Actually, it's too bad that this sport isn't more popular. I had
the good fortune to be able to go to a couple games several years ago, and
they are fast paced, action packed, and fun - elements of soccer & lacrosse,
but on ice with a much smaller projectile. I think part of the problem does
lies in the hockey puck itself - it is small and, when hit hard and well,
travels at a very high rate of speed, making it tough to keep your eye on. I
can remember numerous times wondering where it was, and have the
same sensation even when I watch it on TV. Nonetheless, I'll try to catch a
few games on the tube and root for the New York Islanders as always!

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Blogger freedominalaska said...

Maybe I'll take up hockey here in AK, since they are able to play it outside!

5:35 AM, October 10, 2006  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

the only problem with that
might be having the rink
invaded by the random moose!

12:01 PM, October 10, 2006  

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