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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

religious rant

News on CNN just depressing and disgusting - depressing is the Amish
school shootings, following the ones in Wisconsin and Colorado. Those
poor Amish, what did they ever do to anyone other than leave droppings
from the horse pulling their buggy? Just sad. Then that perverted sick
congressman from Florida who resigned over the "vile" e-mails. (like
duh, didn't he think that one day those e-mails would be discovered?
Everything in cyberspace is open to everyone and fair game - dumb.) Now
he is trying to say that he himself was molested by a clergyman when he
was in his early teens. You know, there are 2 things to consider here. One,
even if that was the case, he is still accountable for his own actions; he was
an adult in a responsible position where he was held at a higher standard
and thus should've acted accordingly. Punishment needs to be meted out
to this man, who I suppose now thinks he can escape such since he checked
into rehab....good luck buddy, not going to happen, at least it shouldn't.
Secondly, I noticed that this ex-congressman considers himself Catholic,
so if his allegations are true about the clergyman, this will be yet another
black eye for the Catholic Church. And this naturally brings me to the
sad yet clear fact that this church seems to attract pedophiles due to their
no-marriage and celibacy rules. I am not saying that there are not
perverted priests in the Baptist, Orthodox, Jewish, Lutheran, or any
other church (although those Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggert scandals
of the late 80's were rich and seedy - "I have sinned"!!), but we sure
haven't heard about them to the shocking degree that we have about the
Catholics. And what makes it worse is that they cover for themselves; one
priest gets accused of a molestation, he confesses to his higher up, and
his 'punishment' is getting moved to a parish in Arizona, where he can
find another victim. It almost seems like they think that if they confess
their sins, then everything is OK and they can keep right on doing what
they please. So this sad and pathetic congressman may have indeed been
molested, or is just using the easy Catholics as a scapegoat, knowing that
most folks, me included, will believe it due to their shocking recent history.
Just for your general information, in the Orthodox church, priests can get
married, but if they choose to do so, they cannot become bishops. So the
career oriented religious man can skip marriage and move on up the
church hierarchy; the man who desires a more multi-faceted life can get
married, have kids, and be the neighborhood parish priest. There are
choices involved. Catholics - Pope Benedict - maybe it is time to adjust
your outdated rules; they aren't working, but are just providing a haven
for those not worthy of being men of God, yet slipping in anyway.


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