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Friday, September 29, 2006

call a doc

ok, have not written anything about the restaurant the last 3 days, so time
to do a quick update. Tiffany (the one who was receiving text messages
from some harlot who supposedly stole her man) says it is over with her
and her boyfriend, but hasn't officially broken up with him. She says she
can't forgive him, even though he denies doing anything with the other
chick, he says he just went there to crash and sleep off a drunken night.
I hope she doesn't buy this story; she says she doesn't, however I did see
her wavering yesterday as she was recounting the story. We shall see.
Then we have medical reports - Brandy is sick, cold or flu or something
that promotes hacking and coughing. Tina dropped a piece of furniture
on her foot while moving it, so now she is limping around. And most
seriously of all is the situation of one of the night shift waitresses who
I will call Keisha here. Actually, I wanted to name her something else,
but as she is aware of my blog, she asked me to use Keisha, as it is a
name she has always liked! She has worked at the restaurant for over a
year, with the exception of several months that she took off for her
pregnancy. Well, now she has to take almost a month off due to a
hernia surgery (it went well, she just needs to recover now and to
stop attempting to clean her bathroom and kitchen as she is trying to
do!). Showing my medical ignorance here, as I always thought that
hernias were a male problem...oops! I do miss her when she is gone,
as she is a good waitress, and even if it doesn't look like she is moving
fast, she gets the job done. We have some 'philosophical' differences to
say the least, about practically everything (example - Keisha, who is
white, is very hip hop, on the verge of ghetto, I am just very white and
listen to '80's music!), yet we get along quite well. Miss Thang, I mean
Keisha, along with my friends and customers the Thompsons, organized
a surprise birthday party for me this past summer (my concerned
observer Mrs. Reagan was also supposed to be in on it, but had to pull
out due to ill health at the time). They caught me COMPLETELY off
guard. Keisha explained that she had to get me back for the surprise
baby shower that was held at the restaurant for her this past winter.
hhhmmm, that means now it is my turn to surprise her
again...let me think, think hard...gotta come up with something! ;)


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