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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Book Signing

Just got back from a kind of neat event, a book signing, my first, I hope not
my last. A very sweet guy (with alot of help from his equally sweet wife, I
will call them Steve and Valerie here) wrote a book, a biography/comedy
nonetheless, about living life HIV positive. Steve was born a hemophiliac
and, at age 11, was given blood tainted with the HIV virus, and basically
was told he probably wouldn't see age 20. He is over 30 now, and through
a strict regimen of meds, keeps his virus under control. He and Valerie, an
ex- Miss Virginia contestant (and HIV negative), live here but travel
throughout the country, speaking at universities and organizations about
AIDS awareness. Steve started the book a while back, found a publisher,
got it printed, and after the book signing tonight, will soon start on a 9 city
book tour! I am just very happy for the both of them and wish them
nothing but success and the best of luck....and health. I must admit I
cheated a little bit though. After Steve did a reading of a passage in his
book, followed by a question and answer session, folks began lining up
to have the book signed. Well, the line was very long, as a boatload of
folks showed up, so I cut around to where Valerie was standing, scored
a copy of the book from her, and we arranged for him to sign the book
the next time they come into the restaurant! That is how I met them of
course, (they like grilled cheeses, pizza, and breakfast), heck, that is how
I met 3/4 of the folks I know! And I am glad to say, about 1/2 of my
friends are folks I met in the restaurant. Amusing sidebar to this story -
The last couple of years Steve has had a tendency to color his hair, either
purple, blue, or a nice shade of red! Well, earlier this summer, he stopped
dying it and let his natural brown color come through. His reason? Well,
to look more respectable for the book signing of course! But as the book
signing was attended by both of the local Goth bands I mentioned over a
week ago (they are pals of both Steve and Valerie), I doubt folks would
have noticed blue hair on Steve after witnessing the hair colors, tattoos,
and piercings on the Goths! But I guess we do have to think of the 9 city
tour coming up too! My husband - he was in a bit of shock I think, seeing
me go up to the various Goth band members, or others coming over to me,
shaking my hand or even hugging me - hubby is ultra-conservative and
sometimes is simply amazed at the variety of folks I befriend (or befriend
me) - octogenarians to Gen X'ers, drag queens to Goths, jocks to nerds.
Not sure if it is my personality, or simply the nature of the restaurant,
with the type of atmosphere and menu variety to attract almost everyone.
Either way, more fun and interesting life stories for me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lola here! Glad to know that the book came out. I didn't know. Loved these people for ages. Also met them through the Goth bands. Funny, isn't it? How goths bring the world together?

3:16 AM, September 21, 2006  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

Lola my friend! Didn't know you knew them too, gosh, you know everybody! Yes, book came out, a great read, great turnout at the

3:00 PM, September 21, 2006  

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