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Saturday, September 09, 2006


Haven't had a logo or shameless plug
(of a product that I like!) in a while,
so am throwing in the logo of my car
basically for the heck of it! I have the Mazda Protege 5, a red 2003 model.
He is a very sporty hatchback, bigger inside than it really looks outside.
It is the first Japanese car I have ever had, had always driven European
in the past. And the day I got this car, I had originally gone to look at a
VW Golf, a car that I had had in the past and was happy with. But they
were more expensive, less of that cash back gimmick (and yes, the cash
back and rebates, 0% promos, and all that kind of stuff are just gimmicks,
a way to lure consumers in - they get you one way or another, you just
have to look for the lesser evil.) Anyway, saw the good looking Mazda,
took it on a test-drive, was still undecided, and the salesman said for me
to take it home a couple days to try it and then decide! Well, I was shocked,
took him up on the offer, and during the 2 days I had it, researched Mazda
and the Protege 5 line online, and read nothing but good reviews and
feedback. SOLD! And almost 3 years later, I am very pleased. and have
taken care of him so that he still looks like new (although he needs to be
washed, just can't seem to get it done!) Plus I have just a shade over
15,000 miles on it, so my little boy (or Lil Red as other folks call him,
hence my blog ID!) is like new indeed! hhmmm, why is it that men call
cars girls, but women say there're boys? My cars, starting from the VW
Bug I had in high school, to the Golf, to the Seat when I was living
overseas, (Spanish version of Italy's Fiat), and the Saab I also had
overseas, my cars were always guys. And yet my husband used to call his
Alfa Romeos (Italian cars), and now calls both his car, a 2000 Mercury
Mountaineer, and my Mazda, girls. um, NOT! I have news for him - only
girl in his life is the one writing this blog at this very moment! NAH, there
is no double standard here, I can call my cars guys, but he can't call them
girls - sounds about right, wouldn't you agree women? wink wink! ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROFL , very very funny.

7:31 PM, September 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Women call cars boys for the simple reason... as a woman would you want to sit on a male lap or a female??? Don't you just love it when a lap warms up on command???
Have happy thoughts today Cookie... I will now!!

4:53 PM, September 10, 2006  

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