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Saturday, September 02, 2006

sun is out!

ok, the rains from the ex-hurricane are done, moving up north, we had
enough, unfortunately some parts of Virginia got hit pretty badly, so I
guess comparitively, other than the usual power outages here, we got off
easy. Speaking of the power outages, apparently enough folks were
without electricity last night (kept getting calls inquiring if we had power),
but we were fine at the restaurant, just busy as can be with folks who
couldn't cook and had to eat out or get food to-go. We ran out of a few
menu items, including our very good lasagna, one of my personal faves!
Ran out of salads, and some of the items to make them, almost ran out
of pizzas. Sure hope we don't have a repeat tonight, but I doubt it, the
sun is out and it is just gorgeous outside. Folks might travel for the labor
day weekend afterall. (just drive carefully y'all). I think, since it is such a
nice day, that hubby and I will drive to the neighboring county where the
wine festival I won tickets to is being held. Can't drink alot, as I have to
work tonight, but it is supposed to also have alot of other things as well,
the whole thing is called 'Discover Virginia'. Having been raised in this
state and travelled through a good part of it, I don't particularly need to
discover much of anything here, but hubby, not being a native, might
enjoy it! Virginia really is a pretty state, granted I have not been to all
50, but of the 17 I have hit, I would have to rank Virginia right up there.
It is very green, something that I did miss when I lived overseas, and
something severely lacking in a few of the states I visited out west the
time I went to Las Vegas. Virginia has mountains and the ocean, so
both types of outdoorsy folks can be happy. (am more inclined to go the
ocean myself, but the mountains are pretty, and interesting for drives up
and down!) And you are not that far from Washington D.C., one of my
favorite cities. All the museums and monuments, restaurants and cafes,
just love it. To think, all the times I have been to D.C., I have still never
been able to see ALL of the Smithsonian Museum, most of it, but not all.
The Air and Space is the coolest, but the American History and Natural
History ones are great too. Now, since last year, there is an addition of
the Air and Space museum outside of Dulles Airport. My husband and I
went to see it, and it was just marvelous. There is a Concorde in there,
as well as one of the Space Shuttles. The Enola Gay is also there, as are
other planes from the two World Wars, as well as some Cold War
planes. I don't know why, but I have always been fascinated by the
history of flight, starting with the flying aces of WWI. There was this
elective class I took while pursuing my grad degree in history that I
just loved, called 'Jets and Space'. It was one of those 'gut' type classes
that you took for the easy A. Well, it turned out to be one of my fave
classes! The teacher was ridiculous, just bored to death, he gave us
some books, threw on a film or slide show, and he was done. But I
guess the subject was so interesting I didn't care, as it talked about the
evolution of the airplane and rockets/space travel. Very very cool. But
I completely digress, I was talking about discovering Virginia, but
went to trying to get y'all to discover the Air and Space Museum. Well,
if you are anywhere near D.C. and have a few hours to kill, go see it,
it is so worth the effort. Now time to go discover a few Virginia wines!


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