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Friday, August 25, 2006


Yes, the weekend is here, time of rest for most folks, but for us in the
restaurant biz, our busy time, but I love it busy, can't stand when it is
slow and there is nothing to do, or crazy people to watch and talk to
for future mention here! Tonight I should have some fun, Lola is now
back in town, trying to tie up loose ends and get everything ready and
together for her Alaska adventure. I am sure to also get a visit from
Michelle, Mrs. Reagan, and possibly the Thompsons if they don't have
company from out of town. And Lord knows who else will drop by in
the next 3 nights! I am about to get on the cases of our night shift
waitstaff...the last 2 dayshifts that I worked, when I opened the
restaurant, alot of the booths were dirty, crumbs and that type of
thing. Then I got a table with some kids, which allowed me to
notice that some of the high chairs and booster seats were just as bad,
if not worse. Slacking and takes about 5-10 seconds to wipe
all the stuff I mentioned off, can't stand it when I seat someone and
have to brush off crumbs with my can call it my pet peeve.
So I am going to have to get mean again tonight....every so often I do
this, then they are diligent for a week or 2, then back to doing almost
nothing. Result is my bitchy meanness coming out - but they asked
for it! I have also found out in the last couple of days that some of the
night shift wait staff don't use the bread baskets for the bread that
comes with the dinners, but put the bread and butter on a plate. hhmm,
always thought that was what the BREAD BASKETS are for! gggrrrrr
Oh well, hope everyone reading this has a great weekend, and y'all
come to see me if you can - HINT HINT to Sandra!


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