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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fun visit and a Special Greeting!

Back to night shift for the weekend, and it started off with a bang last night
with a nice, albeit overdue (!!), visit from a person I don't get to see enough
of, my friend 'Sandra'. She is actually one of the few friends I have in my
own age group, seems like most of my pals are either old enough to be my
parents, or almost young enough to be my kids (if I had had been a teen
mom from the trailor park or one of those barefoot and pregnant country
types!). Anyway, back to my buddy Sandra. She has had a varied and
fascinating life, from a life overseas to law enforcement in the U.S., to
writing books and doing stand-up comedy now! (with a whole boatload
of other stuff in between). She is also a survivor of a usually deadly
disease, I could tease her and say she is too mean to die, but in reality,
she is too strong-willed and simply persevered over the illness, and am
glad she did. Anyway, she dropped by last night and stayed a few hours,
shooting the breeze with me, some customers, and also Michelle, who
dropped by for a spell too. Sandra informed me of the comedy gig she
just had and the following she has; she also gave me surprising news,
that I have a following in New York, folks she told about this blog! I
was shocked, but in a nice way! So I need to extend a special 'HELLO'
to, and you obviously know who you are, the 'Queens from Queens'!!
I really appreciate you reading about the zaniness in a town alot
smaller than NYC and do hope you come to visit if and when time
allows! Waiting for you girlfriends! So then Sandra also informed me
that in 3 weeks she if off to NYC again for more comedy madness, so
hope that SHE COMES TO SEE ME B4 SHE LEAVES (hint hint)!! I
didn't get to sit with her as much as I would have liked, between the
restaurant being a little busy, other customers who like to chat with
me, and a couple of interesting phonecalls. First Lola (the crazy chick
moving to Alaska!) calls me, bored and stuck in traffic trying to get
from NJ to NY; she will be back in town for a spell end of next week.
Then I get a GREAT phone call....I answer, and this recording comes
on, informing me that it is the local 'room and board with 3 squares'
and asking me if I will accept a collect call from 'Kathy'!! Well of
course I would, and did! (hey, you don't get calls like that everyday!)
Anyway, Kathy excitedly told me that she was approved for work
release starting the middle of next week, we just have to submit a
set 40 hour schedule to her 'boarders'. Will have to discuss the
situation with the other manager and see what we can work out. I
mean, come on, we have to have Kathy around when the Queens
come to visit....hhmmm, need to have Tina and her enhancements
around too now that I think of it......well, time will tell!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Oh great strange one!!!
Ok, so now I see what the "boy" were talking about... They are on the Island not in Queens but I told them I was responsible for that one... they don't mind. Now they like the Queen's from Queens... Go figure! I think "K" said the Girlfriends of Queen's is more apropos until I pointed out that still puts them in Queens. It's all-good and they all loved their shout out and are passing the word around their "place".
On a personal note: Thank you for your kind words... I was expecting to be just another one of your loons!

2:05 PM, August 28, 2006  

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