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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

sports talk

Ok, now to explain...this is the logo of my
favorite soccer team, Italy's Juventus,
from Torino (in northern Italy). They are
Italy's most successful Serie A team,
winning more titles than any other
squad. I have been following them since
the mid 80's. They have absolutely
nothing to do with my blog, I just wanted
to show off the beautiful black and
white logo! I am a big sports fan, with
football, soccer, and basketball at the top of my list, but I follow
other sports as well. What do I NOT follow? Well, activities that
I DO NOT consider to be true sports (yes, time for me to pick on
someone!) Nascar, bowling, golf, those eating contests that ESPN is
showing, and that other new ESPN staple, all those poker and other
card game contests. EXCUSE ME, but any kind of activity where
overweight and/or out of shape folks abound is NOT a sport. hhhmmm,
for that matter, let me add baseball to the list....have you seen the size of
some of the pitchers and designated hitters? Push away from the dinner
table gentlemen! Anyway, I am just glad that football season is just
around the corner, then I can follow my fave team in that sport, the
Dallas Cowboys...cut out that booing and hissing, I know it isn't the
same now as the good old days, but I am NOT a fairweather fan, one of
those losers who jump on the bandwagon when a team goes well, then
jumps right off and on to another one once a team's fortunes change.
Those type of people are not true sport fans, but just lemmings who
follow the leader. So go and boo and hiss them, not Dallas or Juve!


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