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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


sing as you would that song from early in Madonna's career.....
'Holiday'! Yes, next 2 days off, so like a holiday. As for Madonna,
well, she really is something else. When she first began to hit it
big, I wasn't a real huge fan, then she got cooler (in my book at
least!), and now seems to be slipping a bit. So what does she do
to pick things up again? Create scandal of course! Whether it is
with her music videos (we all remember the scandal with 'Like
a Prayer' and how Pepsi dropped her like a hot potato!) or her
personal life (Dennis Rodman??) or her latest, being pseudo-
crucified in ROME of all places....yes, the Catholic Church just
LOVES her! I will say this about Madonna, love her, hate her,
don't care about her.....she is a smart business woman. She has
managed to stay in the forefront for over 20 years now,
changing her style as the times call for, re-inventing herself
over and over. From 'Lucky Star' to 'Vogue' to 'Frozen' to 'Music',
just 4 examples of 4 completely different song types, years apart.
So many wannabes, one-hit wonders, and talentless paper dolls
have come and gone, and yet she is still around, pushing 50 and
the envelope.


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