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Monday, July 31, 2006

hi, how are you....see you later!

week and lame title today, but I am afraid not a whole lot of
time today to entertain one and all, have to go to Richmond
and then be back in time to go to to see some of
my pals last night at the restaurant, and work with the one
and only Tina again (you know, breast augmentation girl!).
I do want to make quick mention of some other regular
customers that come in, some of the lovely local cab drivers.
Yes, they are definately a motley crew, They have a bushel
of interesting stories as well, such as certain goings on in
the back of their cab, what they witnessed while waiting for
a fare, and more.....what I don't get is how one of them, no
names here, talks about women like dogs, yet is scared to
death of his wife....and this other one, has a cough and rasp
that would shock even the hardiest of hospital workers,
yet right after he stops the wracking, he reaches for yet
another cigarette. Then there is another one who does his
own version of real estate know, how some
folks buy a house, renovate it, and sell it for alot more?!?
Well this gentleman buys run down trailers in some of the
areas finer trailer parks, "fixes them up" as he says, and
then sells or rents them for a profit.....hey, I guess that is
real estate flipping too, Jerry Springer style! Check y'all
tomorrow, take care!!!


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