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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

back in the swing!

well, back in ye ole restaurant 2day, and nothing particularly
earthshattering descended upon us. I did get to work with
one of the old-timers of the restaurant, called Brandy in this
forum. Brandy has been with the place going on almost 10
years, and is reliability and dependability plus. She is a great
asset when the restaurant is busy, and can be counted on
when we are shorthanded to help out. She will have the next
2 days off, as her birthday is coming up, and she is very
excited...not so much for her birthday, but for the fact that
the man in her life right now will be released from jail just
in time to help her celebrate! He was only in for about 2
weeks, minor league compared to our Kathy, who I brought
up in a previous post, so lets give him the benefit of the
doubt why don't we!?!? Kathy, by the way, came in today
to get her last paycheck, as she won't be working anymore
prior to her "extended vacation" as she is living it up for the
last time for a while, she has a great tan, perfect hair, nails,
and, as she puts it, is "just downright pretty" least she
will be turning heads when she waves goodbye next month!


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