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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

end of my "weekend"

oh well, back to work tomorrow, but at got some stuff done around
the house that needed to be done. anyway, back to the restaurant
tomorrow, the only bad thing is the next 2 days are day shift, and
as we serve breakfast, I have to get up WAY too early, and I am not
a morning person. oh well, such is life. The good thing is that I get
to see folks who normally don't come in at night, so all the more
stories and adventures, albeit a bit tamer! One of the day shift
waitresses, I will call her Tiffany here, has been at the restaurant
for almost 3 years. She keeps changing her mind about what
career she really wants to do, takes classes on something, then
hanges her mind, takes another class, changes her mind, and the
cycle continues. She is just sure she doesn't want to stay in the
food service biz....but as I see it, it is an improvement over her
last career if the rumors are true...rumor has it she was an
'exotic dancer', and that many of her ex-boyfriends are in jail.
But hey, like I said, just rumors now! Well, off to get some
shuteye, will be back for more scintillating tales tomorrow!


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