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Saturday, July 29, 2006 the park.....NOT

Way too hot and humid to go in the park today, actually all week
long, with these dog days of summer. Can't really complain too
much though, as when we are in the middle of a freezing winter,
we will be wishing for warmer days....guess just never happy.
And you have to figure, it could always be worse, we could be in
the Middle East, with their seemingly never ending strife. It's
been chaos since I was little, heck, since before I was even born,
and unfortunately will probably be going on for another
seemingly endless period of time. It is just a darn shame, as
this region of the world, the middle east, has so much history,
culture, beauty, and last but not least.....good eats! Now come
on, you had to know that I, as a restaurant person, had to
somehow bring that view of things to the forefront. Being of
Greek heritage, I have noticed that many Greek foods and
sweets have some similarities to mid-east cuisine. Kabobs,
rice, egg-lemon dishes, specialities with chick peas or other
legumes, dolmas, dried fruits, yogurt sauces, and all those
ridiculously sweet, nut and honey laden desserts. One thing
I have never been able to get into...that thick, heavy, strong
coffee....just can't do it! And another similarity between
Greece and the Middle East....yes, BELLYDANCING! Not
that I have ever tried it or could even pull it off, but I do see
it as a talent, even to a slight degree, some kind of art form.
Heck, just to have the nerve to get out in public with your
stomach out in the open, wearing bouncy, practically
see-through robes, wearing some kinds of bells and other
jingly things, twisting and turning rather unnaturally.....yes,
will definately leave all that to the more brave and daring!


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