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Friday, July 28, 2006

who shall i talk about now?

hhmmm, not that I lack folks to write about in this forum, it's just a
matter choosing which one! Anyway, I would like to further
introduce someone who I have mentioned before, my "concerned
observer" Mrs. Reagan. She is older, a retired nurse, with a son
who lives in another state. She originally came to the restaurant
due to the good food and prices, and for the proximity to her
home. She still may be coming for those same reasons, but now I
tend to think she also comes for the stories and the adventures!
She doesn't have a TV at home, and claims that with what she
sees at choice of dining establishment, she doesn't need one!
She is constantly befuddled with, as she puts it, the "younger
generation", and bedevilled by some of our waitstaff, such as the
lovely Kathy mentioned here before (she of the state provided
vacations), or some of our other girls. And of course, she is
just as easily amused by some of the restaurant groupies (yes,
believe it or not, we have them, those who come on a regular
basis and just hang out) and other regular faces. Mrs. Reagan
has taken a liking to Lola, who I spoke about yesterday, and does
her best to avoid those "different" kind of folk, such as Lisa
and Peter, that fun but nutty couple I mentioned last week.
Oh, by the way, Lisa bought for the both of them these light up
personal alarms that are worn on the arm of the
one button, and the light flashes, press another and this alarm
starts going off. As they are both older and have health issues,
Lisa figures it is a good way to alert one another if they are in
distress....of course, Peter's answer to that is ' fat lot of good
these are going to do if we have fallen on our heads and
knocked ourselves out and can't push any button'! hhmmm,
you know, he has a point.....but anyway, they are ready! Mrs.
Reagan's reaction to that...a rolling of the eyes and shaking
of her head. I guess that is all you can do sometimes. Well,
gotta head to work soon, weekend is here, more fun and
games providing me more fodder for here...take care y'all!


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