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Thursday, July 27, 2006

unique friend

Well, different strokes for different folks is one of those sort of cliche
sayings...but sometimes very true. At the restaurant, through a
mutual friend a few years ago, I met an interesting character who
I will call Lola here. She is most definately not your run of the mill
college student. An on and off vegetarian and fag hag from the
sticks, she is in her mid 20's, finishing up just now as she
took some time off and pursued other interests. Her major? Art of
course. Her favorite past-times? Drinking, walking her dog, reading,
drinking, driving buses and trucks, grilling and making soups in her
crockpot, drinking, lusting after cute hunks and rich oil barons,
and drinking. Her hero? No, not a political figure, artist, writer, or
other contributor to society, but the one and only Anna Nicole
Smith....yes, the ex-stripper and dancer who married the very old
and very rich oil baron and made multiple millions when he died,
and keeps fighting (and winning) in the courts to keep those
millions. A worthy role model indeed, and entertaining to boot!
Well, what are Lola's plans once she graduates? Move to Alaska of
course! In the past year, her post graduation plans went from
New York to Colorado, to some warm arid place like Las Vegas or
Phoenix, and now to the great white and remote North! I, of
course, wish her all the best and will miss her terribly when she
does go, will miss her riding up in her red Vespa with her helmet
and fly goggles and coming in with her goofy smile and crazy
hair and outfits. I hope for 3 things, that she stays in touch,
finds that elusive happiness and security that she seems to be
longing for, and quits or at least slows down on the booze to
protect what is left of her liver. She should be as good to
herself as she is to other people; underneath that devil may
care exterior is a heart of gold and I am glad that I had, and
have,the chance to call Lola a fellow witch with a B and a pal.


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