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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blast from the Past!

Well well, will wonders never cease! Last night, at the esteemed
restaurant that I manage, we witnessed a return (albeit only part-
time) of a waitress who worked for us in the past. She is someone
I would have discussed here at some point, as she had a very, um,
COLORFUL past history, but now that she has returned, why heck,
lets talk about her now! I'll call her Tina in this forum...she is in
her mid-20's, recently married, with 3 children (no, not of her
spouse, as she had her tubes tied after child #3...and yes, all 3
kids are with 3 different guys). As far as waitressing goes, more
than competant, she picked up last night right where she left
off, just a couple pricing questions, but other than that, like she
never left. And that is one reason why I agreed to re-hire Tina, as
she was indeed a good waitress. But I did have my hesitations as
well, due to her COLORFUL past history. She swears now that she
is a changed woman, a serious married housewife who justs wants
something part-time for extra spending cash. You see, when Tina
was with us before, she was quite "popular", at various times (she
worked with us for over two years), with most of the cooks, one
of the waiters, and a former assistant manager. I guess you could
call Tina a giving person....a humanitarian, as she loved people....
well, men anyway! But as mentioned above, she is a serious
married person now, a changed woman...but I will be keeping
an eye on her (and her interactions with the kitchen staff) for the
next couple weeks just to be sure. Oh, and I almost forgot, there
a couple other things different about Tina! First, her hair is
alot blonder now than before, but hey, folks change hair color
sometimes more often than they change underwear. Secondly,
Tina now is in possession of two larger chest projections...yes,
during her hiatus from the restaurant, she has breast
augmentation, going up 2 cup sizes (and apparently soon after
her surgery, one of them collapsed and had to be redone -
true story!). She says it helped her self-esteem and her
clothing options, and that her husband loves them! Well, let's
just hope that it stays that way, for her husband's eyes only!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Cookie... I think this a great outlet for you!!! As I have read a few of your postings, I can only give you fair warning... I'll reading and watching closely!!!
Any one on the outside of this loony bin reading this comment, know this... she is not exaggerating! The names may have been changed but the psychosis is very accurate!!!

2:07 PM, July 31, 2006  

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