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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

hhmmm, i wonder.....

ok, I officially have my first comment posted to my little blog
here...albeit anonymous, but I think I know who it is, just wait
til I see this person! Anyway, glad someone is reading, and
thanks! Well, its the first day of August, I have today and
tomorrow off, and tonight going to see Cirque de Soleil, have
heard so much about them, hope they live up to their billing
(will let you know tomorrow!). Anyway, I would like to take the
time to introduce to y'all another member of the restaurant
staff, someone who simply DOES NOT fit in with the rest of
the picture, but is simply a blast to have around.....I will call
him Philip here. Philip is an older gentleman, from England,
very refined and dignified (see what I mean about not fitting
in?!?!?) What is simply great about him is his oh so British
accent, the old genteel way of speaking properly and formally,
(he uses 'quite' and 'dear' alot!). And that isn't even the best
thing about Philip. In cooler weather, certainly not during
this 90 degree spell, he wears an ascot! An ascot, in this
restaurant....just too rich! And to top it all off, Philip has a
handlebar type mustache, which he obviously takes great
pains to maintain. Ok, I know what you are thinking, what is
someone like Philip doing in a restaurant where our staff
is represented by convicts and loose women? Well, he is
semi-retired, a former restaurant manager, and he came on
board several months ago just to work as a host part-time
to have something to do, to help out when busy or
short-handed, just to get out of the house. So despite not
being seen on a regular basis, he has become loved by all.
I think deep down, he is amused by the decadence of it all,
all very un-British! I will get to see him later on this week,
it should be fun! Take care, be back tomorrow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Phillip, how I love thee....Let me count the ways:

1. Your ascot. Men in formal attire make women swoon, and I'm sure Mr. P was a dashing young thing in his heyday.
2. The moustache. EVERYBODY needs to sport a handlebar at SOME point in his life. I remember seeing this gent at another restaurant, a Thai restaurant in town to be precise. Of course, the whole British colony of Siam and the oppression of the Orientals made his presence there so much more amusing!
3. The fact that he calls my HUGE greyhound "a Sweet little Pup."
4. He'll occasionally chit chat about my motorcycle, which is little more than a lawn mower. He chortles to himself about it--I'm sure wishing he could pick up chicks on it!

OHHHHH, Phillipsey, we loooooove you.

2:23 PM, August 01, 2006  

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