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Saturday, August 05, 2006

grumpy and grouchy

I can't do it, I just can't....become a morning person that is. Have been
doing this opening shift the last few days (and will tomorrow too) to
fill in for a colleague on vacation, and let me tell you, waking up @5
is for the birds....they say the early bird gets the worm, well, they CAN
HAVE IT! And then you see these obviously worm-loving customers
bee-bop on in shortly after opening (6am) all cheery and ready to go,
while my second cup of coffee has yet to provide any effect on me (I
have decided this coffee thing is a myth, it doesn't keep me awake
at night, and doesn't wake me up in the morning!). The nice thing
is I get to see some customers who I rarely would get to visit with
otherwise, plus work with some of the staff members who I don't
usually get to see. But I still definately prefer the night shift, much
to the dismay of my husband unfortunately; he really prefers I
work days, but I think deep down sees and understands how
much of a strain it is on me, so he patiently accepts my night owl
preference! Haven't talked about my husband much here, he is a
very private person and is actually quite surprised I am
undertaking this blog adventure (he immediately said "don't
use our real names!"). But let me just say I am lucky to have him
(hhhmmm, and he is lucky to have me too!)....we met in 1994,
started dating in '95, got engaged in '97....finally tied the knot
in '03....ok, so we took longer than most to make things
official, but better late than never! And we are a classic case of
opposites attract....he is a morning person (daggone it!), I am
very patient, (he definately is NOT), he is passionate about and
very up to date with all high-tech matters and gizmos (heck, I
can't even program the clock on the microwave oven!), if he is
having a bad hair day he will fret and try to fix it, while I just
throw on a baseball cap and go! But despite all those
differences, we have alot in common as well, and definately
have a magic connection and bond; we are lucky to have found
each other and make it work as we have, especially nowadays
when the divorce rate is so high, and irresponsibility and
infidelity even higher. Only thing I would change about him,
(other than making him a more patient night owl!) is for
him to love football as much as I do! He is European, and of
course like all Europeans, adores soccer. I love soccer too, but
football is my true sports passion, but he just can't get into it.
Oh, he'll watch it with me for a while, but then either fall
asleep on the sofa or get on one of his computers and play
with software! Oh well, he is handsome, adorable, and has a
great accent, so I will stop complaining!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you ever don't want your husband, please send him my way. ;)

6:12 PM, August 06, 2006  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

um, wouldn't hold my breath for that
to happen, whoever you are...and if
you know me, you really should know
better than that! If you don't, well
just not going to sorry!

6:19 PM, August 06, 2006  

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