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Saturday, August 12, 2006

I just don't get it

People really make me wonder sometimes, wonder how their minds work.
For example, last night, my pal Michelle (who I have mentioned previously)
came in with her friend Diane. Michelle is a regular at the restaurant, well,
she is basically one of the groupies so to speak, there sort of hanging out
when she has nothing better to do. Ever since I have known her, she has
been in an on and off relationship with some guy I'll call Sean here. For the
last year, it has been primarily off, together only for a couple of days here
and there. The primary reason is that he keeps calling the relationship off,
declaring he has no feelings for her, that it is over, that it can't work, then
totally ignores her and basically treats her like a piece of garbage. Sean
is egotistical, self-centered and absorbed, and selfish. So you are reading
all this and wondering what the heck, why doesn't Michelle get over him
and move on....I mean, there are other fish in the sea. Well, for some odd
reason, one that I and for that matter all of her friends can't understand,
she is still in love with him and is convinced that they will get married
one day, start a family, and live happily ever after. ?????? I sure don't see
it happening, but for her sake, for her happiness and sense of self, I hope
it does happen for her; she is hanging on to this illusion, clutching to
what she calls the good side of Sean, that there is a part of him that is
just great, that we can't see. Heck, we sure can't. I know Sean, and he is
very personable, a great conversationalist, good sense of humor and
actually quite intelligent. But then I see and hear how he has treated
and continues to treat Michelle, and I have come to the conclusion that
is just won't ever work....apples and oranges, cats and dogs. Michelle is
a good person, big-hearted, kind, and great sense of humor, and just
deserves better and doesn't have to live like this. Sean and a friend
from work came into the restaurant last night during the time Michelle
and Diane were there; he did not say one word to her or even look at
her. The exact same thing happened last time he came in while she was
there....just sad to see her sit there and suffer. At least she gets free
entertainment from the waitress Shaniqua, who seems to provide free
entertainment, advice, and jokes for the regular customers! Kind of
like Oprah and Whoopie rolled up into one! I was about to bust a
gut laughing at her the other day.....we were getting some of the
booths re-upholstered, so some of the tables were out of commission
and signs were put up. Well, that older couple I have mentioned in
the past in connection with Shaniqua, the Whistler Tom and his
wife Marion, if you remember, I have stated that Marion seems to be
in the early stages of Alheimers, having good and bad days memory
wise. Well, they sometimes seat themselves if they see a table to their
liking, and I had mentioned to Shaniqua to not let them near the
tables that had no booths, because we didn't want them falling down
the empty seat to the floor. Shaniqua agreed to lead them in the right
direction, but then threw this comment in ' well, at least if Miss Marion
falls through the seat and hits the floor, she won't remember it the next
day!' Cold and cruel commentary, but at the time, the way she said it,
it was totally funny I'm sorry to say! She calls Michelle her sister, and
that the only reason she is black and Michelle is white is that when
they were kids in Arizona, their mother left Shaniqua out in the sun
too long as she went shopping, and that was the result! But the most
classic Shaniqua moment was about a month ago, she got these ethnic
university students who, hhmm, how should I put this, maybe do not
shower regularly in their native countries and deodorent is not yet
sold there! Well, Shaniqua complained how she is having to hold her
breath everytime she goes to their table...I just told her to suck it in
and bear with it, and showed her a can of air freshener, telling her to
spray the area after they left. I did not finish my sentence when she
grabbed that can and tore through the restaurant spraying it, of
course concentrating in the area where her rank customers were!
I didn't know whether to be mortified or to die laughing, it was
actually a combination of both....and the most amazing thing of all
is that after all that, those customers still left her a tip! Like I said,
people really make me wonder sometimes, what makes them tick?!!


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