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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Writers Block

uugghhh, woke up at 5 am, and now almost 14 hours later, still have not
recovered from that rude awakening, causing me to be short on words
here! I did get to read the court reports in yesterdays paper, and saw the
brother of one of our waitresses in there.....the usual drug possession
and other related charges. And what did the waitress say when I brought
the subject up? 'oh yeah, my brother, he's a gangster!', laughing about it!
I would be mortified if I or a close relative or even close friend were in
the court reports....heck, it was bad enough when I got a speeding ticket
and had to go to court as it was reckless driving (driving more than 20
miles over the speed limit - I was doing 60 in 35....hey, I was late for an
appointment and in a hurry!) I kept hoping there would not be anyone
in court that day that I knew, and thank goodness there wasn't. And
another one of the waitresses recently had her son arrested on some
drug related charge. It is just sad how people, especially young folks,
get entangled in that dangerous web, a web that more times than not
either have them end up in jail, or even worse, in the morgue. I could
go on and on about this subject, but don't have the energy right now,
and thinking about it is disappointing and frustrating. Now I am about
to amuse myself for a little while before dinner by catching up on some
e-mail and maybe playing a game or two at great site with
a multitude of card games, word games, bingo, puzzles, backgammon,
and other board games.....if you're not familiar with Pogo, check it out,
it is well worth it, with lots of variety!


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