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Friday, August 11, 2006

what on earth?

ok, these radical fundemental religious freaks just need to get a life.
what is the deal with blowing up, or trying to blow up planes? Just
been reading all the details at the CNN website (great for news, just
go to and it is just unreal. In the past I used to travel quite
a bit, at least twice a year, and the biggest headache I ever encoun-
tered was lost luggage (once they ended up in London, another
time in Kansas City.....2 cities I have never been to!) There is no
Bible or Koran or Torah or any other religious text that says to blow
up modes of transportation or cut off heads. Religious zealots just
twist and turn words around to suit their own agenda, then find
the weak-minded lambs to follow them....simply pathetic. Makes
me almost giddy to know that my biggest problems now are
wondering if a cook or waitress will be on time, or even show up
at all.....or if we need to loan some funds for the bail bondsman!
Speaking of bail and that sort, our lovely Kathy is in her final days
of freedom before her extended vacation begins on the 15th, hope
she comes by before she goes in, if not, well, I am sure we will
hear from her about a month before she is set to be released,
inquiring about a job! Well, with the weekend here, sure to have
some kind of drama and adventure, will keep you posted.....I am
curious to see how the feud that has developed between our
cook Dale and waitress Shaniqua turns out, they seem to have a
hate-hate relationship, and no one can understand why. Just
hope it doesn't explode, need to handle this one carefully, it has
been escalating over the past 3 weeks, time to end it somehow.


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