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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


They may be old fashioned, or in the eyes of purists, only
for tennis, but these are the best all-around casual athletic
shoes around! Of course this is just my humble opinion!
I have worn Tretorns since high school, and except for the time I played
basketball on the collegiate level, they are the only sneakers I wear or have
ever worn, or will ever wear. They are beyond comfortable, go with short or
khakis or even very casual outfits, have the little wing logo available in all
sorts of colors and designs, all looking spiffy again the classic white canvas.
They also last forever. Why am I giving free advertisement to Tretorn now?
Well, just got back from walking, something I try to do 2-3 times a week at
least, and was just marveling my shoes. For just walking I wear one of my
older pairs, in order not to mess up my shiny new ones, which I save for
when I go out all relaxed! If I have to dress up, then its times for Aigner.
Yes, I am sure y'all have seen
the famous 'A' on purses, shoes.
belts, wallets, even coats and
umbrellas. I just love Aigner,
the styles are simply classic. They used to be just the signature burgundy
color, then expanded widely, to cream, black, blue, taupe, and more. I
can remember when it was almost impossible to find their shoes to fit
me, I am a size 11, and not many companies cater to us big-footed chicks!
But at last they saw the light! They go perfect with the dress, skirt, dress
pants or pantsuit, especially when you have a matching Aigner purse!
And now to let you in on a little secret....why I really started wearing
Aigner (first back in high school again, and ever since). My first name
begins with an 'A', so I simply surmised that their logo 'A' stood for my
name, rather than Aigner! Hey, a girl can dream! But I have stuck with
them all these years because they are classically always in style, of good
quality, wear comfortably, and their products are beautiful. Needless to
say, I do not wear either Tretorn or Aigner when I am working. Tennis
shoes are a bit too casual for the manager, but the Aigners are also too
nice for the work environment, and it isn't practical to wear 3 inch heels
when you have to, in the space of 45 seconds, seat people, grab a to-go
order, and then run to answer the phone! And you know, it usually
happens that way, I could be sitting there for 15-20 minutes doing
nothing but reading a newspaper or doing some paperwork in the
booth, and then all at once the phone rings, someone comes up to pay,
and there are 4 tables waiting to be seated, and someone to pick up a
to-go order! I can handle all that, multi-tasking restaurant-style is my
forte. The only 3 occasions when I may fall behind? 1) if one of the
bathrooms has run out of toilet paper! 2) if someone needs an espresso
or cappucino or worst of all 3) when a group wants to pay seperate in
the midst of all that chaos. I ABHOR, DESPISE, DETEST, and HATE
seperate checks. People, either take turns paying for each other or just
pool your money, throw in a 5 or a 10 and go. You have no idea how
it slows us down, keeping us from being more prompt in taking care
of our other customers behind you or the ones who just came in or
are on hold on the phone. Inconsiderate completely. I just want to
tell all of them to go live in Europe for a while, as I did for 6 years. No
such thing as seperate checks, plus in many countries they even
include the tip in the final tally (you folks who stiff my waitresses
would be up a certain creek!). Well, I guess that was my rant for the
day, will be back at work tomorrow, hope no new drama occurred
during my days off, we shall see!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog! Well written..
Very colourful..great fashion tips...

5:46 AM, August 16, 2006  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

thanks for the kind words, hope you
keep reading!

10:18 PM, August 16, 2006  

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