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Monday, August 14, 2006

ah, day of rest

well, another work week has come and gone, now have today and
tomorrow off. Not complete relaxation, as I do have a dentist
appointment tomorrow, but unlike most people, I don't worry too
much about dentists and actually prefer them to other types of
doctors....and you fellow women KNOW EXACTLY what I am
talking about! eewww, definately have to change the subject now.
I am a little sad, as one of the assistent managers at the restaurant
gave his notice as he is moving out of state due to family reasons.
'Warren' as I will call him here, has worked for us on and off
almost 4 years now.....he was a waiter at first just part-time, as he
works full-time at one of the local historical sites as a tour guide.
He then left for a spell due to a medical situation, and when we
needed someone to be a sort of part-time night manager, I
thought of Warren, as he is a people person, very responsible,
and an all-around good guy; so he has been doing this gig for
about a year now, and doing a good job I must say. Will be sad
to see him go, but people need to move on when time and life
issues call. I just wish him the best of luck. I do remember, when
Warren first started working as a waiter 4 years ago, the raised
eyebrows on his face when he met another waiter who used to
work there, the one and only 'Chad/Celeste'.....Chad was one of
the best waiters we ever had, fast, good service, great personality,
customers loved him and asked to be sat in his section in droves.
I called him Chad/Celeste above as he was gay, and many times
would perform at the local gay club as a drag queen! As 'Celeste'
he would dress up to look like the country singer Reba McIntire
and lip sync her songs, and let me tell you, I have seen pictures
of him/her in drag, and talk about pretty! Makes me kind of
disappointed when a gay guy and/or drag queen acts, moves,
and looks more feminine than me! I can remember oftentimes
Chad sitting with me when were weren't busy, going through
fashion magazines looking at accessories, clothes, and hair
styles. And if a woman came in with a great dress, or cute purse
or pair of shoes, he would make commentary (like if her outfit
was well put together) or be jealous because he couldn't find
something similar in his size! Well, when Warren came on
board, Chad trained him, and you could just tell that in his
lifetime, Warren had not come across many, if any, people like
Chad....but then again, who has? I do miss him/her; he left us
last year due to some personal and medical issues, but he does
occasionally drop by to visit. And despite being gone over a
year, some customers still ask about him.....yes, good ole Chad,
he was like a sister to me!


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