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Sunday, August 13, 2006

hhmm, I think it worked

ok, well I see something got posted, so it looks like this Flock thing worked,
now just as I have almost learned....almost that to do the Blogger
site, something new! My husband is always searching and crawling through
the web for new software, programs, the lastest gig, and then does his
darndest to get me to check them out and use them! Its kind of amusing,
the high tech pro versus the NOT technologically advanced! You just have
to give him an A for effort, all these years and he keeps on trying! Anyway,
a sort of quiet night at the restaurant last night, not a whole lot going on.
We did have a visit from this very nice older couple who come in every
Saturday when health permits....the 'Browns'. They are in the early 80's,
just as sweet as can be (they bring me toasted and salted Georgia pecans
every now and then, they are so good!); unfortunately, Mr. Brown is having
kidney problems, doctors have told him he needs dialysis, he won't do it...
they gave him about 2 weeks to live, that was in late May or early June, we
are in the middle of August now! So it's always great to see him and his
wife pulling into the parking lot, proving the doctors wrong. Not sure how
much longer he can keep doing that, just hope for the best. Then later on
another fairly regular customer came in, one of the more unusual ones
I would have to say, I'll call her Rose here. She usually comes in alone,
likes a certain table when available, usually doesn't need a menu, is
generally very why write about a seemingly normal person?
Operative word - 'seemingly', because she is a little off-kilter. One of her
hobbies is holding yard sales. She gets products and materials for her yard
sales by dumpster diving and driving around neighborhoods to see if anyone
has put anything interesting and a potential sell out in their trash, and if so,
scoops it up! Once she was telling me about a chair and some curtain rods
'perfectly good once I cleaned them up!'.....uh, yeah! But her weirder
exploits come inside the restaurant. Once she marched up to me in the
front, napkin tucked into her blouse, steam coming out of her ears....I
asked her what was wrong, and she demanded that I have a couple of
customers near her who were speaking loudly and using 'colorful'
language to pipe down. I offered to move her to another table, and she
said she didn't want to move, but for them to 'shut up!'....well, I went over
and spoke to the couple, told them to lower it an octave or 2 and try to
limit the foul language. That seemed to make Rose happy, all while
amusing the lively couple! And then another time, she came in, looking
rather shaken. I asked her if she was OK, and no sooner did I ask her
that did I regret doing so - sometimes I really just ask for it, opening
my mouth with some seemingly innocent comment or question, and
then wishing so much I hadn't done so! - anyway, she told me that she
was NOT OK, still trying to get over the nightmares she had while
sleeping the night before....and of course proceeded to tell me in graphic
details her horrible nocturnal adventure! I won't repeat it here, rather
inappropriate, it's just to illustrate a common fact of this crazy restaurant,
people, if they think you are nice or caring or whathaveyou, will tell you
practically everything, anything, whether you want to hear it or not! And you
just sit or stand there, mind racing while you concoct the correct facial
expression and exclamation for the situation! You know, I may have
missed my true calling....make that 2 callings, actress and/or shrink!


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