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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Back at it

Well, after 2 days off, back in ye old restaurant. Not a busy day today,
just bits of drama here and there. One of our dayshift waitresses, Tiffany,
(mentioned a couple weeks ago, the former exotic dancer!) had to leave
early as her mother broke her arm and was in the hospital. Brandy seems
to be having problems with her insurance company, was on and off the
phone with them all day. And Roxanne, as usual, was having her latest
man trouble! And the cooks got involved as well; Jake had a go-round
with his ex-wife, and Juan was late, and just never seemed to get it in
gear today. Good thing we weren't busy I guess. Anyway, my concerned
observer came in today, Mrs. Reagan, and I am very GLAD to report she
is doing much better than when I last saw her on Sunday.....whew!!!
Then this older couple of regulars, the Stones, came in for breakfast. They
are about to leave for Las Vegas for a week with some relatives, are excited
as they are going to see the Cirque du Soleil show there, as well as Celene
Dion - hope they have fun! And the one and only Lisa came in, without
husband Peter in tow, just as zany as ever. Now she has these cards made
up with all her husband's medical info and medicine dosages, in case
something happens to him. She has been very concerned about his health
lately, and to be sadly honest, I have seen him very gradually declining.
At least he is still able to bet with me each week on football games! He is,
unfortunately, a Washington Redskin fan (if you remember, I am a Dallas
Cowboy fan!) and each week we bet a quarter on the Redskin game. It may
be just pre-season now, but we are warming up! I, naturally, simply bet
against the Deadskins, and so far I am up 50 cents! Anyway, Lisa was
also telling me about a trip with other senior ladies to this great shopping
center in Richmond, and how she got all this stuff from 50-75% off, like
3 purses and a number of other things! I will give her this, the woman is
a good bargain hunter. What I question is some of the places she shops
from at times, like those TV network shops. She swears by them, but I am
VERY skeptical. One evening, a couple of months ago, she came in with
Peter, practically in tears. I asked what was wrong, and she told me she
had been crying all day, as these hangers in her closet ruined about 1/2 of
her summer clothes! Hangers, ruining clothes? Well that was a first for me,
but she went on to explain that she had bought these special stacking
hangers that had a material on them to prevent clothes from sliding off.
Well, obviously the hangers ruined these clothes! I just shook my head
and tried my best to sympathize with her. Lisa and Peter ate and left. Not
even a 1/2 an hour later, back they come, Lisa with about 4-6 hangers full
of clothes in both hands to show me the damaged goods! Yes, at around
11:00 - 11:30 at night here she comes into the restaurant with all these
clothes! It was a sight. And she exclaimed, 'look at my clothes, my
beautiful clothes!' (well, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but
anyway!). And I saw the problem right away, and asked her where this
closet was. Oh, in the basement she answered, and then it clicked...we
live in a very humid area, and I can remember when I was little, our
house had a basement with a dehumidifier that we had to empty EVERY
day. Her less than good quality TV network clothes had succumbed to
condensation/humidity, thus the running and/or fading of the pastel
colors of her jackets and blouses! But no, Lisa was convinced it was the
hangers that did it! Well, I wasn't about to argue with her, so I just
nodded and voiced my sympathy. And Peter's visage and reaction the
whole time? Raised eyebrows, accompanied by the occasional shaking
of his head.....poor thing - this is the man who said once said that his
so called "psychic" wife was also psycho and that he was bats! Hey, he
said it. not me! Just a perfect couple!


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