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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Way too much fun

Yes folks, I sometimes have to admit it, that I have way too much fun at
work sometimes (not always though, more on that later). The people who
come in to eat, or in some cases, not eat, but just talk. My good friends, a
sweet couple I will call the 'Thompsons' here, were able to come in, eat,
and then stay for some free entertainment.....the mother of one of our
esteemed waitresses, the lovely Tina, who I have mentioned extensively
in the past (boob job!), came in, apologizing for her son who works
part-time as a dishwasher for us, who hadn't shown up to work. She
explained why he didn't, then went into some very LONG, chock full of
drama tirade of how she has had it with him, how he is out of control,
that he is fine with other people but abuses her verbally and physically,
and hence she now has back problems, and how her son is going back
to his father.....yes, they are divorced, did you expect any differently?
Well this distressed mother was going on and on, right in front of the poor
Thompson's table, they almost choked on their pizza! And I am just standing
there, doing my darndest to look concerned and understanding! Hey, all in
a days work! But my great night doesn't end there. Michelle came in a tad
before midnight, and right behind her another one of my groupies came
in just to visit, a girl I will call Francesca here. She is a simply beautiful
girl, 20 years old, who frequents the restaurant (as does her sister, who I
am sure to mention in a future post), and for some reason has adopted me
as another big sister. Well Francesca zoomed into the parking lot; I just
happened to be out there as Michelle was showing me where someone hit
her car - anyway, she rolled down her window showing me her driver's
lisense, screaming 'not restricted'!!! See, a few months ago, Francesca
was on her way back from yet another party (one of the few she doesn't
actually hold herself!) and was pulled over by the cops for a sobriety test,
which unfortunately she just barely failed. It didn't help that she was, and
still is, underage. She spent a night in jail, eventually went to court, was
found guilty, and punished with a restricted lisense for 6 months, allowing
her to go to and from work and home. (ok, so she kind of went other places
too, but sssshhhh!). Well, her 6 months were up, and she came to tell me,
but was rather bummed that she couldn't drink last night, as she just had
her wisdom teeth pulled and can't have alcohol until her wounds heal. So
she was allowing herself to serve as designated driver for her drunk pals;
her cell phone was on, ready to receive calls (which she did about an hour
after being at the restaurant). I sure hope her buddies took advantage of
having Francesca be the designated driver, because when her wounds heal,
that won't happen again! But wait, I don't want anyone to think that she is
a lush, she actually has a 3.9 gpa at the local community college and will
transfer to the local university's business school next year if she can keep
that gpa at least at 3.7. So at some point she does study, just can't quite
figure out when, between the parties, the road trips to various beaches,
and juggling various dates (as she explained to me, they are not boyfriends,
just dates, and when she sees how boring they are, dumps them and
moves on to the next!). Unfortunately, life at the restaurant last night was
not all fun and games; just before closing, I had a table try to run out
without paying their check, I had to run after them, managed to get them
before they got to their car, and not only got my money, but tip for the
waitress as well! Fortunately, that doesn't happen very often, but it did
kind of put a damper on what remained of the night. Oh well, as I said
above, all in a days work!


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