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Thursday, August 24, 2006

make my own fun!

Well, I can honestly say never a dull moment, even in the most mundane
of things, supermarket shopping! Had to get a few things, and my first
hint that this was not going to be a normal grocery visit was at the seafood
stand, where the scales weren't working. So of course, the guy in front of
me naturally began a litany of how much better the old days were, when
folks used paper and pencil, with the occasional use of a slide-rule and
abacus. uumm, yeah, right.....OK! well, then, as usual saw a couple people
who I know from the restaurant (can't go anywhere in this town without
someone recognizing me, hubby says I should run for political office - can
you imagine!?!). Well, my visit was topped off at the check-out register. I
was looking for the shortest line, and see this kind of tall male cashier with
a very female voice! So naturally, I hit that line, and I instantly realized that
this guy was gay - voice, movements, hand gestures, the whole 9 yards.
Then I noticed how his hair was, tied back, but obviously well taken care
of, as were his nails, and I began to think that not only is he gay, but must
be a drag queen to boot! But you just can't ask someone that....unless the
woman behind you forgets something and leaves her cart! Seizing this
great opportunity, I asked sister girl if he was a drag queen - he/she broke
out into this huge smile and answered 'why yes I am!!', and then filled me
in on his stage name too! I remarked how some drag queens come into
the restaurant I manage, of course girlfriend knew everyone that I
mentioned! So you see folks, you can make the ordinary an adventure,
just hit the right check-out line at the supermarket (but try to avoid nerds
at the seafood counter)!


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