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Monday, August 28, 2006

catch up time

Well, my 'weekend' is here, today and tomorrow off, time to get some stuff
done around the house. But first need to catch up on some overdue drama.
To do so, need to introduce you to 'Macy'. She is about 21, pretty, used to
work as a waitress for us on 2 different occcasions. She came in on Friday
night to eat and visit with us. This sounds all peachy keen, so let me now
fill you in on the real Macy. Both times she worked for us, I had to fire
her, the only reason she came back the 2nd time was she got re-hired
when I was on vacation last year and they were in a bind with the waitstaff.
Well, she has this thing for picking up men, usually men who are already
taken just to prove that she can, that she is prettier and sexier than the
women they are with. The unfortunate thing is that she comes from a
neighboring county crawling with rednecks, and redneck women don't
take kindly to some other women stealing their man. (to give you an idea
of the scene in that county, one of the main pickup joints is a gas station/
mini-market; the parking lot there is busy!) So naturally they came after
Macy, and yes, it happened at the restaurant. Macy came in on her day
off with this guy who I knew was dating another former waitress (who got
fired for stealing!); I asked Macy what on earth was she doing with him,
as his girlfriend is beyond psycho. She says 'oh no, they broke up, and
anyway, we are just friends'......I told her it was best that she leave, as I
didn't want any trouble. No sooner were those words out of my mouth
when 3 cars full of rednecks, including the supposed ex-girlfriend of
Macy's friend, screamed into the parking lot! They got out and started
kicking Macy's car while yelling and gesturing for Macy and her pal to
come outside; Macy hid, the guy did go outside. Well, I dialed 9-1-1
pronto, as I knew a fight would develop, and it did. The police were
there promptly, 3 cars, to break the stuff up. It took 3 cops to put down
and cuff the supposed ex-girlfriend; she screamed at Macy, who had
gone out only when the cops came, that she would get hers soon! Yes,
it was just a lovely scene. (just for general info, I saw this couple at a
local gas station a few months ago, not only still together, but with a
baby now!). Macy was then told to not bring any more men into the
restaurant; she got fired the first time when a few of them came in and
she left with them during her shift, supposedly they were taking her to
the hospital to visit a relative! Well, police drama with Macy occured
her 2nd go-round. She claimed that this guy was stalking her, only
because she was nice and had given him a ride to town. He kept coming
into the restaurant, demanding her car keys. At one point I told him he
could not come back into the restaurant to harrass my staff, so he kept
walking around the building looking inside the windows. Well, I of
course dialed 9-1-1, and a cruiser came by to talk with him, the young
man took off and was not seen again. So at the first opportunity we got
rid of Macy again; it just doesn't look good to drive by a restaurant and
see cop cars in the parking lot on a regular basis! Hadn't seen the girl for
over a year til Friday night, when she waltzed in with 2 guys (her old
boyfriend is in jail for 18 months, too many drunk driving and no license
offenses - that sounds familiar!) and of course asked for her job back! I
asked her what planet she lived on, and what kind of drugs she
was on to even dream that I would hire her back! She just laughed and
said that she knew deep down that I loved her! huh??? OK. well, she
proceeded to give all of us headaches with her mouth, as she is VERY
loud, over an hour of non-stop drama, telling us about her job, her new
car, catching us up on one of her former friends and another former
waitress who is now pregnant AGAIN and unemployed, but they are no
longer friends as the pregnant one tried to steal Macy's boyfriend before
he went to jail...and on and on and on. Came home Friday night and
popped a couple of Ibuprofen!


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