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Saturday, August 26, 2006


ick. Have had a headache since I woke up this morning. Popped a couple of
ibuprofen; they have helped, but not entirely. I guess I am hurting more as
normally I do not suffer from headaches (as I knock on my wooden desk at
this moment!), so I get all grouchy and mopey when I do have them. So I
guess I will have to wait til tomorrow to write about my adventures last
night. I will say that I am also bummed as today is the last day I will be
seeing Lola for who knows how long. She came in last night and hung out
for a bit, we split a pizza, read part of a magazine called 'BITCH' (never
knew there was a magazine about us!) and she showed me some pics from
her summer adventures (yes, some scandalous of course!) But she is
leaving tomorrow for her mother's home (in a corner of Virginia that gives
hickdom a whole new outlook!), then from there leaving Tuesday for Alaska.
Didn't think this day would come so soon, will be sad saying goodbye, hate
goodbyes. Hope I feel better tomorrow, as my husband and I have been
invited to a birthday party in the afternoon; we'll hit that before I have to go
to the restaurant, may be late. So hope to find time after breakfast
tomorrow to tell you more scintillating tales of intrigue, or whatever you
want to call drama from a bordering county teaming with a high level of
redneck culture!


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