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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

here comes the rain again

ok, so I can't sing like Annie Lennox of the Eurithmics, but then who can?
But we did get rain, and will get more in the next couple of days, basically
the leftovers of the latest hurricane to hit Florida (which luckily did not
do much damage). But we do need rain, as we have been in a bit of a mini-
drought this summer. The only bad thing is that anytime we seem to get
any substantial rain, the power goes out around here....almost every time
daggone it! You would think that in the 21st century this would not be
such an issue, but unfortunately it still is, and it is very frustrating, as we
have become increasingly technological and bound by electronics, then a
few drops of rain fall, and we are unable to use all of our hi-tech stuff; we
can barely make a phone call by candlelight! Please get it together, Electric
Company! But I didn't intend to rant today, but to just toss out some tid-
bits here and there. Mrs. Reagan came by for breakfast, she looked pretty
good today, not her best day, but not her worst either thank goodness! At
least she was in good spirits. And got a call from Lola - she was in the car
on her way to Alaska. She was in Iowa, about to cross into Minnesota. She
claimed that in Iowa she had passed about 50,000 corn fields; I told her
to stop exaggerating, that it was probably only about 25,000! She was
thrilled to put corn in her gas tank....apparently there are ethanol service
stations there, and cheaper than real gas. But she was hoping that Minn.
was less boring a drive than Iowa, I told her not to hold her breath. She
hoped to be in Canada by tonight, Winnipeg I think she mentioned, and I
think she will make it. Then after work dropped by the local supermarket
where the drag queen I mentioned last week works; she was there today,
but didn't get to go to her checkout line, as it was the longest one (must be
popular!) and I was kind of in a hurry, oh well, maybe next time! Oh, just
before I got home, I passed a cop who had pulled over this silver car. I
thought to myself, that car looks familiar, and it was! Roxanne, one of our
dayshift waitresses, had gotten pulled over, and I could see the cop leaning
into her window and her talking to him, will find out the scoop tomorrow
I'm sure. And finally, as I was pulling into my street, I was the correct
caller for the game on the radio station I was listening too! I always try to
call in, but am either the wrong number caller, or the line is busy. Well, I
finally got lucky today after a number of years, and even luckier when the
contest was to pick a decade for the mystery song! I of course picked the
80's, and as soon as the music started I got all excited....easy one! (Open
Arms by Journey). So I have won a car wash (need it) a free pizza from one
of the national chains (don't need that), and tickets to some wine festival
this weekend (will definately need that if there is too much drama at the
restaurant over the next couple of days!) But best of all, got to hear myself
on the radio, even if the DJ did pronounce my name wrong - guess it was
all Greek to him!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lola again. I'm lazy. Signing in as anon. I've made it safely across the border in Canada. I'm staying in Winnipeg tonight. I just LOVE free wireless in my hotel. And, I also just LOVE hotels that accept pets. My dog might be big, but I swear, he's more human than I am.

I'll be in and out of contact the next couple of days. Definitely not via cell phone. As I explained today--I've become a Jew. I'm not paying 1$ a minute for cell service in Canada. Cingular can bite my big toe on that one.

So, I have a few apartments to peruse when I arrive in Anchorage, and when I arrive, I'm gonna start my own blog with photos and stories of the great wild. Tell all the regulars I said hello. Especially Mrs. Reagan. (and that I'm looking for a nice moose to UPS to her!)

11:08 PM, August 30, 2006  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

yo lola! thanx 4 checking in, free wireless is a wonderful thing. I won't call you on your phone, don't want you biting anyone's big toe! so stay in touch via the blog, or when you get to Alaska (hmmm, guess that is
American soil?!?!?)

11:49 PM, August 30, 2006  

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