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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

more fashion

Ok, don't want anyone thinking I am
a fashion diva, far from it. I don't
keep up with what is in or out of style,
although to be honest, how some
folks dress these days is a bit
alarming! But I am not a fashion victim either, just try to stay somewhat
classic, stuff that does not go out of style. I mentioned in a previous post
Aigner and Tretorn for shoes and accessories, but now am expanding to
a firm that does those things too but specializes in clothes, particularly
the dressy casual - Liz Claiborne! Just love Liz, again another firm that I
have been wearing since high school. When I first started wearing Liz,
she was just doing primarily clothes, but has since expanded to all
fashion avenues, and has done so quite well. My closet tends to have
more of her pants, shirts, blouses, even shorts, but Liz offers alot more.
And what is great is that she always seems to have the best colors, or
should I say, the colors I like - cream, blues, grays, white, black, pastels
in the summer, burgundy and navy in the winter. Furthermore, the cut
is generous for us healthy chicks. I don't have to worry about popping
buttons in the chestal area of my blouses, the sleeves are always long
enough, as are the length of the pants. And unlike some other firms,
you know a 14 is a 14 with Liz; with some firms you have to play around
with sizes because their cuts vary so much. So next time any of y'all are
in a Hecht's, Dillards, or similar type store, do check Liz out! Oh, and
for the even healthier ladies there is their 'Elizabeth' line, and for men
there is 'Claiborne'! I do like the men's line, but for right now anyway
tend to prefer another
firm when shopping for my hubby - Nautica!
Love it! It is both classic and conservative, but
with a modern twist. Again here, the colors are great, at least in
the style of my hubby and I, and their sizes run true. Their casual
everyday wear is great, as is their dressier line, no matter what season.
And like Liz, Nautica items are of the highest quality, just last and last,
always looking sharp. Nautica, like Liz, also has accessories galore, and
they both have a perfume line too. But we don't use their scents; I will
do a cologne/perfume posting with our fave scents in the future. But
for now, time to enjoy the rest of my day off before having to go back
to work tomorrow - ugghhh, up @ 5am!


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