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Thursday, August 31, 2006

schedule change

Well, yesterday was Warren's last day, (he is the part-time assistant night
manager, or was anyway), so that means til we find a replacement, I will
just be doing night shifts for now, no more of the 5am torture! For me it
is a bit of a relief and a break, as by now all of y'all have figured out I am
NOT a morning a person. But it is a bit of a drag for my husband, he really
HATES that I work nights. Fortunately he is very understanding and puts
up with it for my sake. (just a dollbaby!) Besides, I think more interesting
people come in at night, translating to more adventures (or misadventures
as the case may be)! I just hope tonight we don't have a visit from this guy
we all call Screwy Louie, as we have no idea, and really don't want to know,
his real name. He comes to the restaurant late night about once a week all
the way from Richmond, an hour or so east of here. Why does he do that?
Well, he claims that there are no restaurants like ours there. That may be
true, but there are also alot more restaurants in our capital city, thus more
choices. But his second reason for coming to our fair city is just unreal. He
claims that there is no do-it-yourself car wash there that has hot water, but
there is one here, so he comes here to wash his car! Yes folks, now you can
see where we get Screwy Louie from, obviously one or two are quite loose!
He needs to sit at a certain table, and if it isn't available will sit at the one
closest to it, and when the people sitting at his fave leave, will move to that
table! He also needs an endless amount of napkins, and puts away the iced
tea like a camel drinking water in a desert. He continuously rearranges the
position of the salt, pepper, and sugar shakers on the table. At times, he
wears mismatched shoes, and always asks us if we like the cap he has on
and if it looks good on him. Screwy Louie used to come in on Fridays, but
because he got to be scared of me (I told him on a couple of occasions that
he could not just wander around the restaurant as he liked; he would just
get up and walk around to the waitress station, usually to get more tea and
napkins rather than asking his server standing right there!) he began to
come in on Thursdays once he figured out I was not there at night. So we
may both be in for a big surprise tonight!


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