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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

man or woman?

Watching Maury Povich's talk show, and today they are showing an episode
of 'Man or Woman'. He does these episodes every once in a while. where he
will parade about 10 or 12 people all dressed up and done up, and the
audience tries to guess if it is a man or woman. Of course I try to guess as
well, and I would say that I usually guess correctly about 60-70% of the
time. What is funny is that when they show someone tall or with big feet,
hands, and/or shoulders, the audience assumes that person is a man. But
I have seen enough of these Maury episodes to know that he throws in a
big woman or two to throw folks off. I mean, I have size 11 feet, have hands
big enough to grip a football or basketball, and less than petite shoulders,
so I guess if I went on the Maury show, the audience would think I was a
drag queen! But unfortunately, the drag queens are a whole lot more
dainty when they walk than I am! Oh well. So today back to work after a
couple of nice days off. Always interesting to hear what happened on the
days I missed, and trust me, staff members are quick to fill me in on the
latest! Some follow me to the office door, or strive to get my attention in
some way so that I will swing by that area of the restaurant, where they
proceed to drown my ears. There are just no secrets, everyone somehow
finds everything out and makes sure to spread the word. But heck, the
restaurant itself is an open book, as it has windows on 3 sides, so we can
see who is coming, going, indulging in public displays of affection, or
relieving themselves near a bush or small tree (that I don't understand,
we have restrooms!). And when we are not busy, the back is covered too,
usually by Herman, one of our long time cooks, or sometimes Jake too.
Never know what a cook will see when he has to go to one of the big
walk-in fridges or freezers, or the dry storage shed. And yes, I am quickly
informed of those sightings as well if they are of the scandalous sort, or
people parking illegally back there, which tends to happen alot when
athletic events or concerts are going on at one of the nearby facilities of
the local university. So who needs radio, TV, or newspapers when you
can get all your information at your cozy confines at work?!?!


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